About Us

Welcome to Treasured Wellness! My love for beading and crystals started about 12 years ago when I worked for a bead store. Since working for the bead store I dreamed of sharing my love and passion for handmade jewelry and crystals by starting my own business. I kept pushing that dream off to focus on a career in the corporate world. Over the last year the corporate world really started to take a toll on my health and wellness, I had constant battle with anxiety and depression. This battle become my wakeup call! I need to chase my dream and start my business sharing my passion. The name, Treasured Wellness comes from my wakeup call of understanding my wellness is worth more than a career in the corporate world. All jewelry items are handmade with love, and all crystals are hand-picked with you in mind! All gemstones are natural! Nothing is artificial or dyed. We are local to Colorado. Thank you for your support and look forward to connecting with all of you!