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Grounding Inspired Mala

Grounding Inspired Mala

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Inspired Mala is not 108 beads. This stunning combination of crystals is a fashionable way to ground yourself! Beads listed from tassel to back of neck.

Lapis Lazuli – brings out inner truth and inner power. This stone was used to decorate ancient Egypt because it carries the vibrations of our inner queen or king.

Tourmaline – promotes inspiration, happiness, and self-confidence.

Smokey Quartz – grounding, will bring a sense of stability during difficult times.

Hematite – grounds and protects. Hematite will strengthen connection with the earth.

Azurite Malachite- promotes growth and change. It will also help release negative energy.

Hematite - grounds and protects. Hematite will strengthen our connection with the earth.

Blue Tiger’s eye – calming and releases stress. Will also help aid the short tempered.

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